Osteopathy in Argentina

Nutrción and alternative treatments like acupuncture and osteopathy.

Lic Adrian Maruñak

Lobo de la Vega 150 - Yerba Buena - Tucumán - Argentina

Acupuntura en Curuzú Cuatiá Ctes

Nutrción and alternative treatments like acupuncture and osteopathy.
Caá Guazú 728 - Curuzú Cuatiá - Corrientes - Argentina

Physical therapy in Argentina
committed to low-cost health foundation. ...

Chiropractics in Argentina
Adjustment of the spine. Backaches, cervical, lumbar. Improvement of the Central Nervous System. ...

Osteopatía en las Sierras D.O. Hugo Ramón Suáre

Osteopath qualified in the Canary Islands, with 19 years of experience and own practice. Formation of 4 years in the original plan of the US / European osteopathy. Application of therapeutic massage, visceral and cranio-sacral osteopathy, only deep work in Argentina. Katapateo - the only therapy feet, no one else applied in Argentina. ideal combination with osteopathy. The sessions last More...
Campo Camino Rojo
Camino a San Marcos Sierra km 4 (desde Charbonier)
5184 Capilla del Monte - Punilla - Córdoba - Argentina

Yoga, Estiramientos, Corrección Postural

yoga classes
postural correction
Thursday 10:30 am
3 e/41 y 42 Nº481 primer piso - La Plata - Prov. de Buenos Aires - Argentina

Centro de Ostepatia Equilibrio Cuerpo y Mente

Some of the diseases that tratala osteopathy are:
- Vertebral atrocis colunmna
- Herniated discs, sciatica
- Tingling arms
- Dizziness and vertigo
- Joint pain in the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, etc.
- Visceral addiction problems: digestive, respiratory, renal, etc.
- Cranial problems Posttraumatic
- Depression, pain cabaza, insomnia
Shifts and cosultasse attend telephonically.
Florida 1725 San Rafael Mendoza - Mendoza - Argentina

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