Laboratories in Argentina

Mechanical machinery sales dental used.

Borrazas Dental

Mechanical machinery sales dental used.
Azcuenaga 753 piso 1 0f 8 - Balvanera - Buenos Aires - Argentina

EasyDNA Argentina

EasyDNA Argentina EasyDNA is an international company that offers the service DNA testing: paternity testing, prenatal DNA testing and genetic health tests, among others.
internationally accredited (ISO 17025) have performed over 300,000 DNA analysis. We analyze 21 genetic markers, our results guarantee an accuracy of up to 99, 999% for testing positive; and 100% should be negative.
Fournier 2255, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
1 cuadra de Av La Plata y Chiclana.
Zona Boedo (CP1437). - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Clinical analysis laboratories in Argentina -
We specialize in conducting Paternity Testing, Prenatal Paternity Test, other bonds of filiation ( brotherhood, grandparent, maternity, twin zygosity, genetic reconstruction ) and molecular diagnostic...

ADN Análisis

ADN Análisis We specialize in conducting Paternity Testing, Prenatal Paternity Test, other bonds of filiation ( brotherhood, grandparent, maternity, twin zygosity, genetic reconstruction ) and molecular diagnostic tests for the detection of abnormalities of chromosomes 21, 18 and 13 ( Down syndrome, Edwards and Patau ).
Hipolito Yrigoyen 1315 Piso 19 Oficina "B" / Microcentro - Montserrat - Buenos Aires - Argentina



The main services that the ACB has Filial Cochabamba are:
- Driving school
- Unit towing and mechanical help
- Unit fuels
- Washing unit and vehicle maintenance
- Tourism Unit road
- Cabañas Villa Tunari
ADNlab, is a laboratory genetic testing, paternity test, brotherhood, genetic profile, prenatal genetic testing, maternity test. Accepts buccal swab samples and other special as hair, nails, blood, nasal mucus and others.
Fournier 2255 - Nueva Pompeya - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Dental On line

Sale of materials for dental laboratories and dentists.
roca 485 - Escalante - Chubut - Argentina

Doctors in Argentina
Martin Lombardero, cardiologist currently head of noninvasive cardiac imaging. ...

Janssen - Cilag Farmaceutica S.A

Mendoza 1259 - Capital Federal C1428DJG - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Astrazeneca S.A.

Laboratory of espec. medicinal
Dr. Cosme Argerich 536 - Haedo - Morón B1706EQL - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina

Finadiet S.A.C.I.F.i.

Laboratory of espec. medicinal
Hipólito Yrigoyen 3771 - Capital Federal C1208ABE - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Gynecologists in Argentina -
- Health & Wellness - Obstetrics, gynecology, obstetrics, obstetricians. - High resolution 3d ultrasound, 4d - Treatments for infertility ...

Dental clinics in Argentina -
Health services dentists dental prostheses, implants, tubes, bolts, sleeves, repairs. We are registered professionals dedicated to personal attention under biosafety standards hygiene and sterilization...

Laboratorios Ima S.A.I.C.

Medicinal product laboratory
Palpa 2878 - Capital Federal C1426DPB - Buenos Aires - Argentina

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